Assistant Professor - Civil Engineering

School/Institution:Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, Tokyo

Discipline: Civil Engineering

Employment Type:Full-time


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Title: Assistant Professor (Department of Architecture and Building Engineering, School of Environmental and Society)

Institution: Tokyo Institute of Technology

URL of institution or department:

Department : Department of Architecture and Building Engineering, School of Environmental and Society

Institution type: National university

Research field

Area :Engineering

Discipline: Architecture and building engineering

Job type : Assistant Professor


  • Architectural History, Architectural design, Architectural planning
  • Applicants must hold a PhD, be near to completion of a PhD, or have equivalent experience in a relevant subject and have appropriate laboratory research experience.
  • The successful applicant will have the ability to conduct theoretical and practical research on the evaluation, conservation, and utilization (including renovation) of historical buildings, sites and surroundings in Japan and abroad, including modern and contemporary architecture.
  • The successful applicant will also have the skill to provide educational guidance to students in the field of descriptive geometry and architectural drawings.
  • Candidates will be able to contribute to the international education promoted by Tokyo Tech.


[Working Hours]

  • De facto working hours* under the discretionary labor system for professional work:
  • 7 hours 45 minutes per day (38 hours 45 minutes per week)


  • The successful candidate will be paid under the “Annual Salary System with Lump-Sum Retirement Allowance" pursuant to the Institute's Regulations on Wage and Salary for Staff under Annual Salary System with Lump-Sum Retirement Allowance. In accordance with the regulations, the amount of annual salary will be determined based on the standard level for the first fiscal year of employment, and will be based on performance evaluations in subsequent years. A retirement allowance will be paid separately at the time of retirement.
  • Annual salary examples (The amounts listed below are only examples provided in the regulations and do not relate to this position.)
  • Assistant professor hired immediately after completing a doctoral degree
  • Standard: JPY 5,000,000
  • Minimum*: JPY 4,800,000
  • Maximum*: JPY 5,600,000

[Social insurance and other benefits]

  • Employee's pension, Mutual Aid Association short-term benefits (health insurance), employment insurance, worker's compensation Insurance.

Selection Process

  • Selection will be based on a comprehensive review of applications and interviews. Selected applicants may be asked to have an on-campus interview and give a presentation. Please note that travel expenses for attending in-person interviews will not be reimbursed.

Required Documents

  • Curriculum vitae including professional and educational history (from high school onward), degrees, awards, and email address.
  • Accomplishment statement, including:
  • .Journal papers (refereed/non-refereed)
  • Conference proceedings (refereed/non-refereed)
  • Commentaries
  • Books
  • Works (including renovation work)
  • Lectures

Please include details for each category. For lectures, state if it was a keynote or invited lecture.

  • Up to three reprints or copies of major publications (one copy for each publication)
  • Acquired research grants and external funds. Include names of the funds, project titles, amounts, periods of research, and allocated amounts (if not the principal researcher)
  • Research statement with a summary of research accomplishments and details of the future direction and plan for the applicant's work (free form, one A4 pages)
  • Teaching statement that provides a summary of accomplishments and discusses ideas for teaching and learning (free form, one A4 pages)
  • Social activities such as those as a member of international and academic committees
  • Two references with names, affiliations, and contact details
  • Excel file with specified applicant information (Please downloaded the file from:

How to Submit an Application

Submit the required documents through JREC-IN Portal's online submission function. All necessary files should be ZIP-archived into a SINGLE file before uploading. We do NOT accept applications through e-mail nor snail mail.


Yamazaki, Taisuke


Tokyo Tech Museum and Archives


Additional information

  • Application documents will not be returned. The personal information provided in the submitted documents will be used solely for recruitment and not for any other purpose, pursuant to the Institute's applicable rules and regulations.
  • Tokyo Institute of Technology, in order to ensure a diverse workforce, guarantees equal opportunities for all individuals regardless of nationality or gender.
  • Smoking is prohibited on campus (excluding designated outdoor smoking areas).

Contact Person: If you wish to apply for this position, please specify that you saw it on

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