Lecturer - Electrical Engineering, Electronics

School/Institution:Linköping University, Sweden, Linköping

Discipline: Electrical Engineering, Electronics

Employment Type:Full-time


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University lecturer in Electronic Circuits and Systems

Knowledgeable and committed employees with good conditions are one of the most important success factors for Linköping University. Teachers and researchers are our core competence, but a successful university needs experienced and motivated staff in many areas. All roles are important. We have a great need for recruitment, among other things, thanks to an expansion in research. You are needed here. Welcome to apply for a job with us!

The Department of Systems Engineering (ISY) is central to various engineering courses both in basic knowledge and applied courses. The research is based primarily on industrial needs and ranges from very basic questions to more application-related questions.

Description of the subject area The

Department of Electronic Circuits and Systems at the Department of Systems Engineering researches and educates in the area of ​​integrated circuits and its applications in composite systems. The department has many years of experience in the research area and has contributed with innovative circuit solutions and system solutions that are at the forefront of research. The department also teaches most of the electronics training courses in Linköping with over twenty courses from basic to advanced level. The courses cover digital construction, analog construction, radio frequency construction and the design of integrated circuits and systems in advanced semiconductor technologies, especially CMOS. See https://liu.se/organisation/liu/isy/ex .


A teacher's duties may include taking care of education or research as well as administrative work. A teacher's tasks also include following developments in his / her own subject area and the development of society in general that is important for the work. Holders of employment as a senior lecturer shall participate in teaching in education at the undergraduate and advanced levels.

As a university lecturer, you are expected to teach in the field of electronic circuits and systems, including developing existing and new courses in the field. You are also expected to conduct your own research in the subject area, especially concerning radio circuits and analog integrated circuits and systems in collaboration with the other activities in the department. The duties also include working to achieve research results that are useful, and to participate in ISY's research training in the field.

Teaching at the undergraduate level is preferably conducted in Swedish, while teaching at the advanced level is preferably conducted in English.


  • Eligible to be employed as a university lecturer is the person who has demonstrated either pedagogical skills, partly a doctoral degree or has equivalent scientific competence or any other professional skill that is of importance with regard to the subject content of the employment and the duties to be included in the employment.
  • By equivalent scientific competence is meant documented foreign degree that is deemed to correspond to at least a doctorate.
  • By other professional skills is meant relevant professional skills acquired outside the university. Other professional skills can only be considered as a qualification basis when appointing an employee where the holder is to teach a professional training where proven experience is essential.

Assessment bases

As assessment bases for hiring as a university lecturer, the degree of proficiency that is a requirement for eligibility for employment shall apply.

The test of pedagogical competence should be given as much care as the examination of other qualifying conditions.

For this position, above all, importance will be attached to educational and scientific skills, both of which are given equal weight, and subsequently skills in collaboration.

Scientific competence is shown through own research that has resulted in scientific publication, through planning and management of research and postgraduate education, and through the ability to obtain research grants. In addition, scientific skill can be shown by the ability to achieve results in research through collaboration with other researchers and by the ability to inform about research.

Educational skills are shown through the ability to convey relevant knowledge and skills, activate students for their own learning, create engagement and interest in the subject area, and the ability to structure and organize both content and working methods in relation to the subject area's goals. In addition, pedagogical skills should be shown through the ability to contribute to the development and renewal of education and the ability to reflect on one's own teaching action.

Experience of teaching in Swedish and English is a merit.

The collaboration task is an integral part of the university's research and education mission, where the ability to use collaboration with the surrounding community as a means of strengthening the quality, relevance, dissemination, accessibility and utilization of education and research can form a basis for assessment.

Collaboration in research is shown through the ability to disseminate, make available and utilize research through popular science production and dissemination, collaborative projects with external non-academic actors, external expert assignments, mobility projects, commercialization or assignments within the framework of permitted employment.

Appointment Procedure

The position is appointed by the Vice-Chancellor on a proposal from the Faculty of Engineering's appointments committee. A statement of intent will be requested from the applicants who are primarily considered to be eligible for the position.

Access: By agreement.

Salary : University applies individual salary setting.

Application procedure

You can apply for this position by clicking on the "Apply" button below. Your complete application, including the maximum ten publications you wish to invoke, must be submitted to Linköping University by 30 September. Applications and / or application documents that are submitted after the last application date are not considered.

Publications, pdf or word formats are allowed, attached to the application form. The scientific publications that you do not have in digital form are sent by mail in three copies to Linköping University, Registrar, 581 83 Linköping. The publications must be submitted to Linköping University no later than the last application date.

Equal conditions The majority of our university lecturers in the Department of Systems Engineering are men, which is why women are given preference in appointing this position, with essentially equal qualifications in general.

Linköping University will continue to develop as an attractive and creative workplace characterized by equal conditions and therefore actively work for equality and diversity.

Welcome with your application!

Linköping University has procured contracts and waives us direct contact from staffing and recruitment companies as well as sales of job listings.


Atila Alvandpour, Professor, Head of Department , 013-285818, atila.alvandpour@liu.se

Christina Hammarstedt, Secretary to the Employment Committee, 013-281528, christina.hammarstedt@liu.se

Lina Florvik, HR partner, 013-281925, lina.florvik@liu.se

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Contact Person: If you wish to apply for this position, please specify that you saw it on AKATECH.tech

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