PhD Position - Computational Sciences, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering

School/Institution:CEA TECH, France, Grenoble

Discipline: Computational Sciences, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering

Employment Type:Full-time


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PhD position - Few-shot learning: Application to object detection and semantic instance segmentation

Job Description: SL-DRT-19-1084

Research Field: Computer science and software


Nowadays, many computer vision tasks are successfully managed by deep learning models. Those include, for example, object detection and recognition, image classification, person, gesture, action or activity recognition... which are useful in many fields of application (video-surveillance, autonomous driving, robotics, industry 4.0, medical image analysis, active assisted living, etc.). The drawback of these deep neural networks-based approaches is that they require a huge amount of annotated data during their supervised training. On the one hand, manual data annotation is a tedious and expensive task. On the other hand, data can also be rare or difficult to gather for some reasons, including privacy, safety, or ethics.

It is therefore essential to design methods that learn from very few annotated samples of data. The challenge of few-shot learning is then to approach, even surpass, human ability to learn and generalize from few examples. The objective of this thesis is to propose novel methods that optimize the model ability to rapidly handle new tasks, including detecting, segmenting and recognizing new object classes. A comparative study between state-of-the-art and developed methods will be carried out on many datasets in order to quantify performance improvements, dependence on number 0of samples, as well as generalization ability relative to types of data.


  • Departement Intelligence Ambiante et Systèmes Interactifs (LIST)
  • Vision & Ingénierie des Contenus (SAC)

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Audigier Romaric



CEA SACLAYDIASI/LVICBat. 861 - PC 17391191 Gif-sur-Yvette

Phone number: 01 69 08 01 06


University / Graduate School


Sciences, Ingénierie, Santé (EDSIS)

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Thesis Supervisor: Habrard Amaury

Université Jean Monnet, Saint-Etienne

Laboratoire Hubert Curien UMR CNRS 5516

Laboratoire Hubert Curien18 rue du Professeur Benoît Lauras42000 Saint-EtienneFRANCE

Phone number: +33 4 69 66 32 64


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