Postdoc position in Developing of a Simulation Model of the Traffic on Electrical Vehicles - Electrical Engineering

School/Institution:Aix-Marseille University, France, Marseille

Discipline: Electrical Engineering

Employment Type:Full-time


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Basic salary: 1956€ /month; can evolve according to professional experience

Context: This research is carried out under the MASSAL'IA chair in artificial intelligence. This chair, headed by Prof. Chu Min Li, brings together several teacher-researchers from the COALA and MOFED teams of the LIS UMR 7020 laboratory. ENEDIS industrialists also will take part in it.

The MASSAL'IA chair has three scientific components: (1) the representation of incomplete data and the prediction of road traffic by Bayesian networks; (2) the modelling and simulation of road traffic; and (3) the optimization of electrical charging station installations by Max-SAT.

Goals: The main goal is to develop a simulation model of road traffic on electrical vehicles in order to validate the chosen solutions for the installation of electric terminals. This model will be essentially based on discrete event modelling and simulation techniques. For its simplicity, its modularity and its expressive power to describe dynamic systems, the DEVS (Discrete Event System specification) formalism is privileged, thus offering an ideal framework for modelling and simulating such a traffic.

However, two major difficulties emerge following this modelling: (1) the introduction of incomplete data to the simulation causing a major obstacle to its execution and to the validation of the obtained results; and (2) the definition of metrics for the evaluation of the executed simulations and consequently the choices of installation of electrical terminals.

Obviously, the simulation model to be developed must be extensible and open to modifications that may occur later (experimenting with new travel behaviours, taking into account the weather, etc.)


  • Conducting a study on the state of the art of the discrete event modelling and simulation on the road traffic.
  • Developing a library of components allowing the description and evaluation of the road traffic.
  • Coupling the constructed library with other ones and tools useful for developing the simulation model.
  • Designing the simulation model, presenting and formatting the results.


  • Applicant profile: holds a PhD in computer science
  • Applicant ability:
  • Independence, rigour and teamwork


LIS UMR CNRS 7020 – Campus universitaire de Saint-Jérôme

Av. Escadrille Normandie Niemen -13397 Marseille Cedex 20


  • detailed curriculum vitae, and
  • motivation letter.


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Title: One-year Postdoc position in Developing of a Simulation Model of the Traffic on Electrical Vehicles

Employer: Aix-Marseille Université

Job location: Jardin du Pharo 58, bd Charles Livon, 13284 Marseille

Job types: Postdoc

Fields: Artificial Intelligence,   Computing in Mathematics, Natural Science, Engineering and Medicine,   Electrical Engineering,   Computational Sciences,   Electronics

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